Keynote Speakers


9:00 AM

Jacques Lapointe

Vice-President, Systems Engineering, Enterprise Canada at Cisco Systems

Jacques Lapointe has lead teams in Telecommunications for more than 25 years. After getting his Bachelor degree from Laval University in Physics Engineering in 1989, he held various management position at Bell Canada. Within these ten years, he returned to school to get his Master degree in Telecommunications from INRS-Telecommunications. After a short stay at Lucent Technologies, he joined the Cisco team in 1999, where he now holds a Senior Systems Engineering Leadership role in Canada.



3:30 PM

Michel Juneau-Katsuya

Security and Intelligence Specialist

With over 38 years of experience, Michel is internationally recognized as one of our country’s foremost experts in international and national security and intelligence, and economic and industrial espionage.

Michel started his career as a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) before transferring to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS). He has performed duties as Criminal Investigator, as Intelligence Officer in both Counter Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, and also as Strategic Analyst on Global and Emerging Issues. He was appointed very early in his career as Chief of National Requirements where he led his team in redefining the Intelligence Requirements for the Government of Canada’s federal departments following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Later, as Chief of Contingency and Emergency Planning for CSIS, he and his team developed and implemented the first Contingency and Emergency Plan for CSIS that encompassed operational, physical and IT security, a plan that received the “Best Practices in the Federal Government” special distinction from the Federal Treasury Board.

His knowledge of Asia earned him the Directorship of the Strategic Analysis Unit, Asia/Pacific. During this assignment, his unit gave particular attention to issues of economic and industrial espionage against Canada, and the ramifications for Canadian society and its economy, leading to his team becoming rapidly recognized among international intelligence services for its expertise in that domain.  While heading a special joint project with the RCMP, his team produced one of Canada’s most controversial reports on the activities of the Chinese Intelligence Services and their link to Chinese organized crime.

Before entering the private sector, Michel’s last assignment at CSIS was as National Coordinator for the Counter Terrorism Port of Entry Interdiction Program, where he coordinated and facilitated the work of over 4,000 Customs, Immigration and Police Officers across several federal departments to intercept terrorists before they could enter Canada.

Now in the private sector, Michel is in demand across all continents to perform Threat and Risk Assessments and security audits.  His work has earned him an enviable reputation for his ability to identify pertinent security issues and produce highly specialized results to improve security, not just increase it. One of his most publicly highlighted security audits was in 2005, when Michel was the Project Director for the team that produced the report “A View From the Front Lines” that led to the historical decision of the Canadian Government to arm Border Officers. Michel has been called to testify as Expert-Witness in front of the Special Committee on Security for the House of Commons, Canadian Senate and other Courts of Justice.

Parallel to his career, Michel received a BA in International Relations from UQAM (Canada), an MA in Social and Political Thought from the University of Sussex (England) and pursued his doctoral studies in Political Philosophy at the University of Ottawa (Canada). He is teaching regularly at various universities in criminology and political sciences as well have been a lecturer at the CSIS Training Centre, Customs Canada Training Centre, and the Canadian Police College. He is currently teaching National Security courses at University of Ottawa. Michel is frequently interviewed and quoted by national media and international broadcasters.

Michel is a former Honorary President and “lifetime” member of the Association pour la sécurité informatique du Québec (ASIQ). He is a certified Port Facility Security Officer for the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS Code) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Since 1998, Michel has been acting as CEO and President of The Northgate Group Corp., the premier corporate security intelligence and research firm that provides highly specialized services to governments and private sector companies worldwide. With Michel’s unique methodologies and its analysts’ in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, Northgate prides itself on providing clients with highly efficient and cost effective analyses.

Michel is the co-author of the books: « Nest of Spies: The Startling Truth About Foreign Agents at Work Within Canada’s Borders » published by Harper-Collins 2009 and “Ces espions venus d’ailleurs” published by Stanké 2009.  He is currently working on two new books on espionage activities.

Michel was the co-organizer of CISC2011 Defend Against Corporate Espionage, first conference of on corporate espionage in Canada that brought together for the first time former spies, counter intelligence officers and private companies. Second conference was ICCE2014, Insider Threat both in Ottawa.